West Coast Biofuel

A Division of C2F Energy, Inc.

Demand for renewable fuels: A growing Market.

President Biden has pledged stricter pollution standards for greenhouse gas than were created under the Obama administration — and rolled back under the Trump administration. This is good news for producers and distributors of sustainable alternative and renewable low-carbon fuels in California.

West Coast Biofuel operates Liquid Storage, Blending, and Distribution Terminals throughout California.

Demand will far exceed Supply through 2030.

There are now low-carbon fuel policies in place up and down the entire West Coast, including British Columbia. Potential demand in Washington could reach 190 million gallons of biodiesel and renewable diesel annually.

Coupled with the already robust and growing demand in California and Oregon, potential demand could well exceed 2 billion gallons annually.

Our Mission: We reduce and replace fossil fuel used in trucking, marine, aviation, and rail.

We are a volume producer and provider to the Petroleum Resellers and Marketers sector. Production capacity is extensive. Our Next Generation Technologies redefine transportation fuel as Ultra Low-Carbon/No Carbon/Renewable.

Everyone’s Problem:
Fossil carbon fuel emissions are harming the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the climate we depend on for our very lives.

Our Solution:
West Coast Biofuel is a low carbon transportation fuels producer, creating a renewable energy solution to reduce and replace fossil fuel in trucking, marine, rail, and aviation.

The company provides Liquid Storage, Blending, Loading and Distribution Terminals for Biodiesel and Renewable Diesel fuels throughout California.
• Our Biodiesel is predominantly made from agricultural biomass, processed into a unique diesel fuel, typically blended with fossil diesel fuel.
• Our Renewable Diesel is produced from landfill waste, plastics, and used tires. The finished fuel is nearly identical to jet fuel, marine fuel, and petroleum-based diesel.

Benefits of Biodiesel
• 1 billion gallons of biodiesel are produced annually. However, Supply is not keeping up with Demand.
• Biodiesel lowers particulate matter in our air by 47%
• Biodiesel reduces hydrocarbon emissions by 67%
• Biodiesel reduces lifecycle greenhouse gases by 86%
• Renewable diesel has better statistics than Biodiesel, more demand, and less supply.

Benefits of Renewable Diesel
• Replaces fossil fuel. Blending renewable diesel with fossil fuel in not needed.
• Can be utilized in existing diesel engines without costly conversions.
• Chemically equivalent to petroleum diesel.
• No special handling, storage and use requirements, providing increased opportunities for adoption.
• Lower harmful emissions than traditional diesel fuels. Carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by approximately 61% to 83%, depending upon the feedstock used.

West Coast Biofuel provides full-service Liquid Storage, Blending, Loading and Distribution Terminals to Petroleum Resellers and Marketers throughout California. Our loading racks and distribution terminals are geographically located for quick distribution to trucking, marine, and aviation facilities throughout California.

Offices are in Marina Del Rey CA., Stockton CA., and McFarland CA.

We welcome Public/Private Partnerships and Joint Venture opportunities. Clean energy results in clean air. It’s a big opportunity. Join us. We look forward to discussing our projects and product lines in detail.

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West Coast Biofuel Website: https://westcoastbiofuel.com/

Prototype: Our proprietary EcoBoost ultra low carbon fueling centers